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About Dr. Doran

About Dr. Doran


“Compassion is the most important quality that any caregiver can have.
I care about my patients so it’s a joy and a privilege to help them
find their way to better health.”

After 30 years in practice, Dr. Lawrence P. Doran, D.C. still experiences the same joy and enthusiasm as he did on his first day of caring for patients. He finds it a privilege to reduce or eliminate pain in those with acute injuries, chronic back and neck pain, and other debilitating conditions. Each patient at Doran Chiropractic receives as much time as necessary and dedicated care.

Dr. Doran’s first experience with chiropractic was when he witnessed his father experience immediate relief from chronic intermittent headaches.

“If you’ve ever watched someone in debilitating pain, you come to appreciate the significance of quick and lasting relief.”

Later, after severely injuring his own knee while running a marathon, Dr. Doran sought chiropractic care and experienced first hand complete and instant relief.

The final incident that inspired Dr. Doran to become a chiropractic doctor came about when his then 2-year-old son broke out in full-body hives. For two weeks, his son took the pediatrician-prescribed Benadryl allergy medication without relief. Once it occurred to Dr. Doran that his son hit his head the day the hives began, he brought him to a chiropractor who discovered his upper neck was subluxated. After an adjustment of this spinal area, the hives disappeared by the time they arrived home.

After becoming a firm believer in the healing power of chiropractic care, Dr. Doran spent the next six years earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree. Then, for six months after graduation, he practiced as an associate with his own chiropractor until he opened Doran Chiropractic Family Health Care Center in Allendale, Michigan, where he’s spent the last 30 years helping patients achieve healthier lives.

Doran Chiropractic Family Health Care Center is an accredited member of the Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Allendale chapter of Rotary International. Click on the logos below for more information.